The glove is so handy that it can be taken everywhere and its weight is hardly noticeable when worn. Simply comfortable!


VR/AR equipment doesn't cost much these days, making it even more important that this high quality peripheral from Germany is affordable.


Virtual objects and surfaces can be precisely felt with our integrated vibrational feedback system.

VR/AR Projects

Over the years we have conducted many different projects with Cynteract in VR. We have developed the software ourselves, whether for training or playing.
Our network has therefore grown strongly in the various application areas and we co-founded an association.

VR in Industry and Science

VR in Science and Industry - Network NRW e.V." aims to promote VR/AR in science and industry: Companies and research work together, developing and marketing services and solutions.

New ideas, components and applications are identified and brought forward.

Logistics training in VR

As an association in the region, the Sozialwerk Aachener Christen is committed to providing everyone with a professional perspective in order to give people a place in our society.
In cooperation we have developed a project that combines innovative future technologies with the training of young people.

DIVR Award

"The idea of supporting rehabilitation patients in their recovery through sensory and immersion therapy in an entertaining way, and ultimately conditioning them by gamification, is a concept that must be supported and pursued by the health care system."

- Judges -