Frequently Asked Questions


User data is encrypted and stored on servers in Germany. 


We are a young startup and unfortunately can not give away the hardware for free due to the still high material costs.

We give our best that our distributors choose the pricing according to the countries standards.


We can offer you the glove in different sizes, we have a S, M and L version. 

We were on the road with the glove at many events, including the Wheelchair Basketball World Cup with the DGUV in Hamburg. At that time 30.000 pupils were passed through the stands and so far children have understood the games quickly. 

We have developed different games for different age groups.


We are a startup in Aachen and can offer to try out the glove for you. If you are still in rehabilitation, it would probably be best to ask your therapist whether the glove would be suitable in your case. 


The computer needs a USB port and, if possible, Windows as the operating system. Thus, some tablets are also suitable for training with the glove.

In the foreseeable future, the software will also be available on mobile devices.

An internet connection is recommended to be able to save the progress and share it with the therapist if necessary.





Currently we have the software in German.

However, we have already programmed the infrastructure to integrate other languages. So it would be a matter of a few days to add additional languages. 

The software can be started independently. It is a simple application, which also does not require installation.

Of course, we recommend the accompaniment of a therapist, because the software is not allowed to evaluate the progress for regulatory reasons.

The glove can measure even the smallest movements thanks to the high number of sensors. Therefore, training (flexion, extension and spreading) of individual fingers, the hand and limited the arm is possible. Progress can be viewed in the software based on the score.

The current glove version cannot actively move the fingers.

Yes, the glove can also be used offline after logging in once on the computer with Internet. This verifies that the login data is correct and it is stored locally. So you can also log in offline with this data in the future.